"No photos"

Rules of entry

Only those will be allowed to enter Freedom Fetish Party who meet the following critera:

– You are at least 18 years old, able to provide proof of age by ID if required. 

– You purchased a ticket in advance.

– Your outfit meets the requirements of the dresscode. If you are unsure, send us a message or photo via email, and we will check if your outfit meets the criteria. 

– You are not drunk, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. 

– You weren’t previously removed from the event. 

– It is not allowed to bring any dangerous goods, food or drink to the event. 

10 rules of adult play

1. Do not touch anyone without permission!

2. Respect the other as equal partner in play. Only enter into BDSM play with someone if you have mutual consent. When interacting with a submissive, ask the dominant partner for permission, too. 

3. No means no. Always.

4. Talk about the limits and boundaries before play, and continuously take care of the scene’s safety. 

5. Clean the used tools and furniture after play. We will provide sterile spray and paper towels to do so.

6. Do not intervene in the play or aftercare of others, unless you are invited to do so. 

7. If you see anything worrying, tell a dungeon master. Do not intervene yourself. 

8. The default safe words at the event are “red” and “yellow”. On “red” play must stop immediately. 

9. You are responsible for yourself at this event. It is your responsibility to make sure both you and your partner are safe during BDSM play. 

10. Do not take photos and do not distract others by the glowing screen of your phone. The no photo policy applies to the whole event (with the exception of the photo studio room), but due to the nature of BDSM play we emphasize that anyone taking photos can be removed from the event, without refund, and in accordance with Hungarian law, can be fined if a complaint is filed.

Those not respecting the rules can be removed from the event. 

If you encounter any problems, please contact one of the dungeon masters or organizers, who will be wearing signs with the words “Can I help you?”. We are happy to help, but if we are not notified of the problem, we cannot solve it.

General rules of participating at the event:

According to the law regulating smoking in Hungary (A nemdohányzók védelméről szóló 1999. évi XLII. Törvény, in effect since January 1st, 2012), it is forbidden to smoke in closed spaces in Hungary. We will have a designated smoking area in front of the building, outside.


Due to the nature of the event, only staff and their authorized photographers are allowed to make pictures or videos in the building. Those breaking this rule will be asked to leave the event, without reimbursement of ticket costs.


If case of visual and audio recordings made at the event, visitors appearing on the recordings – provided they are not recognizable – forfeit the right for any claims from the organisers or those who made the recordings. 

Our guests can find “PARTY PHOTO OK” labeled wristbands at the entrance, by wearing these guests give their explicit consent to have their recognisable photo taken and published among the event’s photos. 


Those listed below are not permitted to enter the event:

  • those behaving in a scandalous, offensive or unlawful manner, or any similar manner that bothers the other participants,
  • drunk, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • does not meet the above requirements of entry to the event.


 Those not permitted to attend the event will be asked to leave by the organisers or security personnel, without reimbursement of ticket costs.


At the event verbal, physical or any other harassment is taken very seriously. The harassing person may be immediately asked to leave the event, without reimbursement of ticket costs. Making any kind of contact with another person is only possible with the other party’s consent. The organisers do not take any responsibility for physical or mental injuries suffered during the event. Please take care of each other and yourselves.


Organisers – in accordance with Hungarian law – can only be held responsible for damages wilfully caused by the organisers, or for breach of contract resulting in the threatening of life or bodily harm or harming of health, and specifically denies responsibility for any other damages, not restricting any rights ensured to event visitors by the law.

Organisers specifically cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from guests neglecting to ensure their own safety at the party.


Guests accept that any claims for damages should be made towards the owner of the location of the event.


Guests can be held responsible in accordance with civil and criminal laws of Hungary for damages caused by them to Organisers or towards third parties. Organisers cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from unlawful behaviour of guests.


Organisers reserve the right to change the program, time and location of the event. Guests are not entitled to any claims in accordance with such changes.




Organisers are not responsible for lost objects during the event.


The cloakroom is managed by the location of the event, therefore the organizers cannot be  held responsible for any objects and valuables left at the cloakroom. A dressing room will be available between the entrance and Heaven’s Gate.


Organisers reserve the right to change the program timing.


To ensure the safety of the Event the organizers reserve the right to restrict which items, objects are allowed inside the Event. In particular it is forbidden to take inside any drugs, pyrotechnic devices, glass objects, umbrellas, explosives, toxic or flammable objects. Furthermore firearms, any knifes longer than 8 cm, butterfly knifes (balisong), switchblades, ballistic knifes, gas sprays, coshes, vipers, chains longer than 50 cm, ninja stars (shuriken),  sling-shots, and any other objects that endanger public safety – set out in the 175/2003. (X. 28.) Rules and Regulations – are forbidden.


By entering the event, guests accept the above rules.