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After the wildly successful first two FREEDOM FETISH parties, we present the next edition, on a new date:

Freedom Fetish Party 2021.04.24.!

Update February 1st, 2021:
According to the government announcement today, in which they extended the curfew and restrictions until March 1st, the February 20th Freedom Fetish Party needs to be postponed again. The new date is the same that we announced earlier, April 24th (and if the restrictions don’t allow that party to be held, then October 16th).
You can decide the fate of your ticket until February 20th. If you do nothing, your ticket is automatically valid for the April 24th date (or if restrictions don’t allow that party to happen, then October 16th), and you are therefore guaranteed a spot at the next Freedom Fetish Party. If you would like to request a refund, watch your inbox, as we will send an email to all ticket buyers with all the info needed for the refund process in the coming days.
We would like to thank you again for your support and patience. There is light at the end of the tunnel, we hope we can see you soon at the hedonist party of infinite freedom.

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What is Freedom Fetish?

Freedom Fetish Party is the party of uninhibited freedom, where you are not bound by the expectations of society. Here, you can be part of a different universe, which you can only enter if you let go of everyday conventions. The dress code ensures that no attendee is an outsider, everyone contributes to the common joy by leaving behind society’s dressing rules, and shows his/her true self.


This is a fetish party where joy and hedonism rule, where noone is ashamed to show their true self, and everyone is free to live their dreams, if by doing so they do not prevent others from enjoying their own hedonism.


In order to create an immersive party atmosphere, we combine the best elements of the largest international fetish-BDSM parties, and we put a great emphasis on providing the high quality music that you are used to at these parties. A full lignup of several great DJs will play three separate tracks on the two separate dance floors and the spacious adult playground, the like of which has never been seen at any of the parties in Hungary.