We organize Freedom Fetish 3-4 times a year at various rented locations. However, we also have our own club, where the fetish community gathers every week (every two weeks in the summer) for a fantastic party.

Differences and similarities

How is the Ministry of Freedom club different from the Freedom Fetish party?

– We created our own club specifically for fetish parties, which has many advantages, from special equipment and scaffolding, to satisfactory heating even in fetish attire, to the appropriate sequence of dressing-wardrobe-dresscode checks. At Freedom Fetish, we have to adapt to the possibilities of the rented space.
– In our own club, the staff are not surprised by anything, because they themselves are members of the fetish community.
– The Ministry of Freedom is smaller, it has a license for 189 people, this is the reason why we have to rent another location for Freedom Fetish’s 450-800 people.
– In the Ministry of Freedom, the atmosphere is more intimate, it is easier to get to know each other, while Freedom Fetish is more about unlimited wild partying.
– Each event in the club has its own theme, and they are significantly different from each other. Some are for beginners, some are for advanced players, some are musically different from the others, some are in the dress code and some are defined based on sexual interest, gender identity or BDSM roles. But everyone is welcome at all of them, as all games are optional, nothing is mandatory.
– The club is in the center of Budapest, while we could not find a place of the right size for Freedom Fetish in the center.
– The audience of the club is more part of the community, they pay more attention to each other than would be possible under the conditions of Freedom Fetish. Therefore, at Freedom Fetish, a special staff monitors compliance with the rules, while in the club, the self-defense of the community – and the possibility of being banned from the club – perfectly guarantees a safe environment. 
– While the audience of Freedom Fetish parties until 5 a.m. as if there was no next day, Ministry of Freedom’s events extend less into the night, daytime parties are also frequent, where we can experience the joys of fetish parties with fresher energy, more soberly, in tune with our biorhythms


How is the Ministry of Freedom club similar to the Freedom Fetish parties?

– Each party is a free-spirited fetish party, where you can experience desires that you can’t find anywhere else.
– The basic rules of the parties are the same, at both we pay close attention to creating a safe environment, prohibiting unwanted touching and photography, so that you can feel really free.
– You can enter all our parties only in clothes that comply with the dress code.
– There is also an overlap between the kinky furniture, because we are transferring some of it from the club to Freedom Fetish.
– There are no on-site ticket sales for guests who drop in from the street for any of the parties: tickets must always be registered in advance.
– You can count on an accepting environment at all our parties, and we expect you to avoid all forms of shaming.
– Open sexuality is accepted at all our parties (at most, the extent of this varies depending on the themes)
– At each of our parties, you can experience a freedom that would be unimaginable in society outside