Budapest Fetish Weekend:

25th October 2019, Friday 9pm: 
Kinkster - Rave & Fetish Party

26th October 2019, Saturday 9pm: 
Freedom Fetish Party, main event of Budapest Fetish Weekend

27th October 2019, Sunday 5am: 
Fetish Weekend After


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Freedom Fetish Party, 2019.10.26., 9pm

Only pre-sale tickets are available for Saturday’s Freedom Fetish Party! No tickets for sale at the door!


Supersonic – Budapest, 1032, Fényes Adolf utca 28.

Heaven’s Gate, leading to Freedom Fetish Paradise will only open to those who try to enter it in outfits meeting the dresscode. If you fail to turn up properly dressed, the strict guardians of the gate will send you back to the dressing room with some advice and a second chance, or sentence you to body paint.


In Fetish Paradise you arrive to the realm of endless freedom, where uninhibited partying awaits, if you respect the three rules: do not take photos, do not harass, and do not be aggressive.


Continue further and through the realm of the darks you reach the Gate of Dark Desires, which opens at midnight. Behind it you will find an adult playground, the like of which has not been seen in Hungary before at any party. This area is governed by its own set of rules. Those who do not respect them will be removed by the dungeon masters and are not entitled to a refund.


The ADULT PLAYGROUND will be divided into the following areas. Every area is led by several dungeon masters (you can recognise them by their glowing wristbands), who will help you find your way in this realm and ensure the safety of play by intervening if rules are not respected. However, you are always responsible for your own actions!


Bondage Area: You can find the tools for restricting mobility and the art of bondage here.

Dungeon masters: Silent Teddy Bear (bondage artist from Bulgaria) and Laerien Rope


Spanking and Medical Area: It will be furnished with several fitting pieces of furniture, but personal tools (such as whips, riding crops, paddles, belts, gynecological tools or your palm) you will have to bring yourself. We will provide sterile spray, latex gloves, canes and condoms.

Dungeon masters: RisleyAddix and AddViolence


Couples Area: Only couples can enter, to ensure play amongst themselves or with other couples. This area will be divided into two parts: the stage area, which is visible for onlookers, and the Secret Couples Area, which is a closed area only accessible from the stage.


Cafe of Curious Desires: 

(Coordinator of desires: Hummel Zsolt Intimitás Gourmet)

Four themed tables await here, which signal the desires of those sitting around them. This however does not automatically mean they will meet these desired with anyone and in any way – play must always rest on mutual consent. Pen and paper will be available to further refine the specifics of why your choice fell on that specific table.

– At the Femdom and Foot Fetishist table only those ladies may sit, who enjoy being worshipped by men at their feet. Men may only sit on the floor here, and may try to get close to the feet, but only in a way allowed by the dominant women.

– At the One Girl More Guys table, many desires may be met. For example, if you are a girl tired from the hour-long partying, and wish to be massaged by four guys at the same time, here you will find your partners. (And in the medical area you will find a massage bed.) The beginning and end of that massage session depends on your mutual choice…

– The Oral Fixation table is dedicated to those who like to use their mouth to make someone happy, without expecting the favor to be returned. The method of providing the joy can be manifold, some of which don’t even require bodily contact…

– At the Pet and Slave table, you can find a slave, puppy or kitten to borrow for a while, to be served by them exclusively during the time of play. Make them carry your bag, light your cigarette, or fetch you a frink… Always specify the scope and time of play and serving, and what kind of treatment the slave expects.


Photo studio:

At Freedom Fetish party guests are not allowed to take photos, but you will be able to bring home the memories as pictures. In the photo studio Fetish Extreme Pictures (Fészek Stúdió) will be available throughout the night to take professional photos of you and your friends.