"Dress in a way that would ensure you raise eyebrows, and get fingers pointed at you walking along Main street in that outfit."

Freedom Fetish is a party, where no attendee is just an observer. Everybody contributes to the common joy by leaving society’s clothing rules behind, and showing their genuine selves instead. This is the price to pay to enter this world: one has to take this step to free themselves of conventions. We enforce our dresscode, which prohibits streetwear rigorously, in order to make everyone feel part of a different universe, where everyone had to cross these boundaries in order to enter the land of endless freedom.  



We check the dresscode at the entrance of the party, and only those following the below rules will be admitted. No refunds will be given to ticketholders not respecting the dresscode.  

Which outfits meet the dress code?

In short: Dress in a way that would ensure you raise eyebrows, and get fingers pointed at you walking along Main street in that outfit. 


The longer version:

– Use your phantasy, especially within the following themes: Fetish-Erotic, Fetish-BDSM, Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish-Goth, uniform (except combat uniforms), Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Animal, Cross-Dress, Medical, Fetish Steam-Punk, Baroque

– Preferably use these materials: Latex, lack, leather, faux leather, lycra, spandex, metal, plastic, mesh, lace.
– We find human skin beautiful, so you can come naked or semi-naked, especially if you accessorize it nicely. You can cover your different parts with “black tape”, liquid latex, body paint or sexy lingerie. 
– You can choose outfits from various role-play scenarios, such as nurse, schoolgirl, hooker, slave, cat, dog, pony, playboy bunny. 
– If you prefer classic elegant, we allow black tie outfits. You can leave the shirt, or even the tuxedo behind, a bow-tie dresses the naked body very nicely. 
– You can cover your face with a mask, gas mask, venetian mask or extreme make-up. 


ABSOLUTELY NO everyday streetwear, you will NOT BE ADMITTED in jeans, camouflage uniform, and even an everyday lycra leggings is not enough.

Those not meeting the dresscode can exchange their clothes for UV body paint at the entrance. 


The simplest sexy pieces of clothing can be turned into a fetish outfit with a little fantasy. Meeting a fetish dresscode is not a matter of spending money! You can create unique and sexy outfits on a budget, find ideas in our gallery below.