"Dress in a way that would ensure you raise eyebrows, and get fingers pointed at you walking along Main street in that outfit."

Freedom Fetish is a party, where no attendee is just an observer. Everybody contributes to the common joy by leaving society’s clothing rules behind, and showing their genuine selves instead. This is the price to pay to enter this world: one has to take this step to free themselves of conventions. We enforce our dresscode, which prohibits streetwear rigorously, in order to make everyone feel part of a different universe, where everyone had to cross these boundaries in order to enter the land of endless freedom.  

This party is for those, who dare to be different and are without prejudice.



We check the dresscode at the entrance of the party, and only those following the below rules will be admitted. No refunds will be given to ticketholders not respecting the dresscode.  

Which outfits meet the dress code?

If you want to know whether your outfit meets the dress code, ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. 1. Would my outfit raise eyebrows in other parties? 
  2. 2. Does my outfit prove that I left behind society’s conventions? 
  3. 3. Does my outfit provide an experience to the rest of the audience? 

If you can answer all with a confident “yes”, you are fine. If only two, better ask. If only one, put some effort into rethinking your outfit.  


We emphasize that you will NOT get in in the following: 

– Everyday street clothes. 

– If you are a guy, with a naked upper body with nothing interesting to accessorize it.

– In jeans, sweatpants or camouflage pants.

– If you argue with the dresscode guard.


Some more advice:

– Use your fantasy, especially within the following themes: Fetish-Erotic, Fetish-BDSM, Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish-Goth, uniform (except combat uniforms), Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Animal, Cross-Dress, Medical, Fetish Steam-Punk, Baroque.

– Preferably use these materials: Latex, lack, leather, faux leather, lycra, spandex, metal, plastic, transparent, mesh, lace.

– We find human skin beautiful, so you can come naked or semi-naked, if you accessorize it nicely. You can cover your different parts with “black tape”, liquid latex, body paint or sexy lingerie. 
– You can choose outfits from various role-play scenarios, such as nurse, schoolgirl, hooker, slave, cat, dog, pony, playboy bunny. 
– If you prefer classic elegance, in addition to historic elegant outfits, we allow black tie outfits as a compromise. You can leave the shirt behind, but not the bow-tie, which is an essential element to this outfit. 
– You can cover your face with a mask, gas mask, venetian mask or extreme make-up. 

Don’t try to go for the minimum to get in! The number of appropriate outfits is infinite and the fantasy of our guests only widens the options. We cannot define all the options, so there will be outfits where only the subjective opinion of the dresscode guard helps the final decision. However, if you go for the bare minimum, it can happen that you get in once, but not the next time. The dresscode guard will not take into account whether you got in in that outfit the last time, or whether you think someone else’s outfit isn’t better than yours. 

We emphasize that black jeans is jeans. Rarely – if it is part of a very convincing full fetish outfit – the dresscode guard can make an exception, but this does not mean that it is now generally allowed in our party. 

Those not meeting the dresscode can exchange their clothes for UV body paint or black tape at the entrance to creatively create their look. 


The simplest sexy pieces of clothing can be turned into a fetish outfit with a little fantasy. Meeting a fetish dresscode is NOT a matter of spending money! You can create unique and sexy outfits on a budget, find ideas in our gallery below, or by searching for these keywords (not all the results would fit our dresscode but you can find ideas to incorporate into your outfit): 

Fetish clothes / Fetish clothes man

Kinky clothes / Kinky clothes man

Extreme gothic clothes

Burlesque fetish

Body Art fetish

Drag Queen

Steam-Punk Fetish

Club Kid

Avant garde clothes

Which shoes should you wear to a fetish party? 

– For starters, ones that fit into the entire outfit: mind-blowing ones. Shoes are part of your outfit just like any other piece of clothing you put on, so put some effort in choosing it. It’s best to come in something unique and extra-ordinary that would turn heads elsewhere (not because of its inappropriateness). If you can’t find special shoes in your wardrobe, you can choose from simpler options, but make sure the rest of your outfit is perfect and the shoes do not distract from it. 

– Women’s shoes provide a lot of options with heels, platform shoes, long boots and the like. These would be welcome on men’s feet as well. 

– A universal and unisex option, and very common at fetish parties: boots, preferably made of shiny leather or vegan leather. The emphasis is not on the brand, but that it fits your overall looks. 

– Elegance is also a good option: shoes that meet the black tie dresscode are welcome at our party. 

– What about sneakers and athletic shoes? In general we don’t prefer them. We understand that they are comfortable to party in, but they distract a lot from a fetish outfit. However, we have seen some exceptional pieces in the past years, that our dresscode guards put in the first category: the mind-blowing ones. Metal-colored, sneakers with led lights around the sole, shiny leather sneakers, or black platform sneakers with metal and vinyl parts were some of the examples. Also, we can imagine full fetish outfits that rightfully incorporate sneakers as genuine parts of the outfit – but experimenting with this is better left to those who are already pros in the world of fetish-wear. 

Common misconceptions: 

– The dresscode is compulsory during the entire time of the party. It is not sufficient to get in, you can only wear everyday clothes outside of the party area. 

– The outfit of your partner shines a light on you, but the dresscode is compulsory on a per person level.

– Every decision is unique. If we made a decision about a piece of clothing, and allowed a non-fetish piece in, that does not mean that it is now allowed and anyone else wearing similar ones will be allowed in. 

– Maybe you got in in something meeting the bare minimum last time, but don’t assume that this will work next time. It is best to make sure your outfit is amazing enough so that it no doubt meets that standard for our dresscode guards.